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Were do I start ? This has been a crazy, crazy ride...When I was first told that I had a brain tumor, I was in total shock ! I could not believe that I had a BT, that only happens to other people..LOL Well in a way I am glad it happened. I know what you are thinking. GLAD IT HAPPENED ! What ?!! Honestly it got me right with God, I now go to church alot and I know where I am going if I do die from this BT .. My life pretty much revolves around church and my church family has been wonderful. I think that is what has helped me the most through all this. Everyone praying for me ... Was cancer-free until Nov 2009 when my every 3 month MRI showed up a spider web in 2 spots where the first tumor was removed.My Dr. had said 90% chance it would come back, I just prayed that I was in that 10% bracket. I am currently on Temodar, low platelets, low white blood cell game that goes along with chemo. I am currently on Temodar. Which I am taking in a lower than normal dose due to my non-tolerance of the chemo. So join me on my journey of first time blogging. Come on in for the ride.

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June 29, 2010

Acampo, California

July 16, 1963

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Brain Cancer


May 6, 2005

Stage 2

over 6.1

Grade 2

National Brain Tumor Walk - San Francisco, Ca May 1 2010


That they have not found a cure ? Yet.....

That I am a very strong person.....

Just be there for me :-)


UC Davis @ Sacramento, Ca Stanford @ Palo Alto

I would get my papers right with God ...

June 28, 2011

Had 1 Seizure. MRI found BT, after surgery put on 1000mg of Keppra daily for cheap insurance.

May 6, 2005 Total Gross Resection

6 weeks of Radiation. finished last treatment 6-28-2011


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